Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tidy-up tuesdays.

Do you ever have one of those "zones" that just can not stay cleaned?!
I have too many of them in my house.  
So i am dealing with one of them today...the dreaded "kids creative corner"
This is on a good day.  Usually there are papers and markers, crayons and books everywhere.  
I keep pulling my hair out trying to keep up with it!

So what I did was empty out those plastic bins.  Completely.  Everything out!  I then went through the pile, decided whether to keep or trash. For the most part, I trashed because they have too much crap!

I then designated a drawer for each kid.  I put their own crayon box and their own coloring books in it.  They are now responsible for their drawer!

Grabbed a huge trash bag and threw the rest away, and sigh...all clean and organized. 

I have realized that my kids don't need 1000 coloring books, 100's markers, crayons and scissors.  I need to limit what they have so it doesn't over take me!

What supplies do you give your kids when creating?

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  1. We have 1 bin of each: crayons, colored pencils, markers, cray-pas, and glitter glue. Then I have those small buckets from the target dollar spot (love them!) to hold scissors and glue sticks, 1 for each kid! We have 1 drawer for writing notebooks, and 1 drawer for coloring books. I try and re-org it once a month, tossing out all broken crayons and used coloring books. Because it can turn into a total pit!!